At Centex Security we are committed to offering you and your family peace of mind and security. Whether it is through our security system products or video surveillance with monitoring 24/7, you’ll rest assured that our highly trained staff will work hard to ensure that if you are at work, on vacation or away from home, your home or business will always be protected. We offer protection from burglary, fire, medical, home invasion and more. Security consultants are available in your area to help you customize a system that meets your needs and concerns. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for an estimate or to start service than click here or call 1-866-735-0607  and you will be contacted for an appointment in the next 24 hours.

Introducing “Total Connect” Service

Available now to Centex customers, “Total Connect” will give you the flexibility you demand to control your alarm system remotely over a high-speed internet connection or GSM network, using cell phones, PDAs or a virtual keypad on your laptop or desktop computer. To get more information Contact us now. “Total Connect” features include:

  • My Keypad graphical user interface which allows users to operate their system from compatible mobile devices.
  • Arming and disarming the system via text message.
  • Receiving e-mail and/or text notification when the system is armed or disarmed.
  • Receiving e-mail and/or text notification when specific doors, safes, rooms or liquor cabinets are opened or accessed.
  • With enhanced services, receiving video alerts with the use of compatible, IP-addressable cameras.

Alarm monitoring – best way to ensure that your home is safe when you are not.